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About TPC

Carbon Holdings is developing a landmark project, Tahrir Petrochemicals Corporation (TPC), a world-scale polyolefins plant that will produce the raw materials for the manufacturing of a vast array of domestic and international products.

In consideration of the vast and continuously increasing population, as well as the scarcity of petrochemical resources, Tahrir Petrochemicals Corporation (TPC) aims to enable significant growth of domestic production across a wide range of manufacturing industries in Egypt through the supply of various feedstocks and raw materials.

Once operational, TPC will provide a cost-competitive supply of specialist products to customers in Egypt, Africa, and the rest of the world.

TPC will create over 35,000 direct and indirect jobs, supporting income and stimulating demand in the economy for further economic and social development.

The development of TPC aims to utilize Egypt’s competitive advantages of abundant labor and its strategic global position. TPC will serve as a catalyst for further downstream petrochemical projects and infrastructure development through the stimulation of production of a wide range of higher value goods for both domestic consumption and for export.

Overall, TPC has the potential to trigger multiple opportunities on a domestic and international level. Through growth in business confidence, jobs, income, innovation and a heightened drive in demand, Egypt is likely to be the most active in project development over the next decade.



Our Products

TPC will provide one of the world’s largest single-train naphtha cracker to produce polyolefins.

The Naphtha Cracker Unit is expected to produce approximately 1.5 million metric tons per annum (MTA) of Ethylene which is further processed in the Polyethylene Units to produce 1.35 million MTA of High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), approximately 925,000 MTA of Polymer Grade Propylene, which is converted to Polypropylene, 250,000 MTA of Butadiene, 350,000 MTA of Benzene and 130,000 MTA of Gas Oil

TPC will be structured around two operating units: one producing aromatics and synthetic rubbers; the other producing olefins and polyolefins. These chemicals are used in a broad range of consumer products including, but not limited to, injection moulding, tires, carpets, hoses, industrial cords, wood glue, packaging, polycarbonates and the automotive industry.

Our Applications

Downstream applications of TPC’s end products include:

  • The Egyptian petrochemical market is expected to expand growing domestic demand and increasing industrialization, creating opportunities for downstream industries and increasing indirect jobs following commencement of TPC operations.
  • TPC will supply the Egyptian market with the essential raw materials needed for the development of major manufacturing industries attracting foreign direct investment and international players to set up Egyptian based facilities.
  • Furthermore, TPC is anticipated to create opportunities for other petrochemical and derivative projects in order to develop other industries such as tire manufacturing, electronics, cables and much more.

Contact Us

Tahrir Petrochemicals Corporation

1, Sphinx Square, Mohandeseen, Giza
+2 (02) 3344 4774
+2 (02) 3344 4776

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