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An integral component of enriching people’s lives is making sure that our home market of Egypt, as well as the broader region, develops in a sustainable manner. At Carbon Holdings we have incorporated Environmental & Corporate Social Responsibility principles into our business model and our growth strategy. Fundamentally, we believe that behaving responsibly and taking the needs of communities, stakeholders and employees into consideration will have a positive long-term impact on both the company and the economies in which we do business.

Environment and Sustainability

Carbon Holdings is committed to implementing and operating all of its projects in accordance with the recognized international environmental and social standards and best sustainability practices.

During the development phase, together with globally recognized consultants, Carbon Holdings undertakes class leading Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) for each project. Each ESIA complies with the relevant Egyptian standards (comprising the environmental standards of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency and regional and international treaties relating to environmental matters to which Egypt is a signatory) and relevant international standards.

Carbon Holdings develops a comprehensive environmental and social management plans for each project as part of each ESIA, including a comprehensive environmental and social monitoring program, which is implemented during the construction phase and continues throughout the lifespan of each project. Carbon Holdings ensures compliance with all relevant standards by utilizing leading, internationally renowned technology licensors and contractors, and demanding and policing strict observance.

Carbon Holdings’ culture encourages transparent and continuous communication with stakeholders and the communities where the projects are located. Furthermore, there is an environmental and social register containing records for each operating facility which is available for inspection by the community representatives and the authorities.

Carbon Holdings’ Environmental & Sustainability Department oversees the performance of all operations by the subsidiaries of Carbon Holdings. It will start annual sustainability reporting in 2020, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative.

Tahrir Petrochemicals Corporation

Carbon Holdings has prepared an Environment and Social Impact Assessment for the TPC project to ensure environmental and social feasibility in accordance with local and global standards which Carbon Holdings is committed to. Click here to access the Environment and Social Impact Assessments

For more information please contact: Mohamed Hassan – Managing Director, Environment, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility –

Health and Safety

The safety of our staff, customers, local communities and the public is Carbon Holdings’ highest priority and we have established a robust approach to Health & Safety which is embedded across the company to reduce risk. This includes world-class safety processes implemented at every one of our sites and ensures we do not just comply with all Egyptian regulations and laws, but also all relevant international standards.

Our approach to Health and Safety is built around two critical programs: people and process.


Before starting to work as part of the Carbon Holdings’ team, every employee receives a thorough induction into our Health & Safety processes and we provide on-going training for every member of staff on a regular basis. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards any employee who does not uphold every aspect of our Health & Safety processes. We recognize, however, that the health of our workforce is as important as their safety. That’s why all our staff at our Suez sites benefit from extensive 24-hour medical facilities including intensive care units. Every employee is provided with free medical insurance (which is also extended to the employee’s direct family) and receives an annual health check which incorporates eye tests, hearing tests and assesses lung capacity.


Our process safety standards ensure our technical equipment, including release valves and sensors, is in optimal condition and fully safe at all times. These are reviewed daily by our internal experts and audited annually. Uniquely, our plants have their own fire response units at every site to ensure we can respond to any incident as quickly as possible. These units also provide emergency response services to the local communities in the region.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon Holdings is dedicated to enhancing the communities surrounding its sites in the Suez Economic Zone. In addition to providing employment for hundreds of local residents, we are focused on improving their lives and, in particular, the futures of the young people in the region.  Carbon Holdings has a number of education initiatives underway and is committed to working closely with the community and the regional government to identify new investment programs that will have maximum benefit.

Insights into the future

In addition to the Social Impact Assessment program that we are undertaking with Worley Parsons, we are working closely with the Suez Economic Zone to establish Egypt’s first regional committee that brings residents, businesses and the government together. This committee will allow us to hear the views of the community, address any issues arising from the commercial development of the region and understand how best to use the funds we have committed to the region to provide optimum effects and benefits.

This committee will provide us with insights to develop our long-term Social Responsibility program with clear goals and objectives.

Positive impact today

Carbon Holdings has developed a number of individual projects designed specifically to improve the education and employment opportunities for young people in the region based on international standards.

Over the last decade Carbon holdings has and continues to:

  • Sponsor the building of schools for local children and provide vital local infrastructure to cope with the increasing number of families in the region;
  • Provide IT education and English language classes to local children, ensuring they have the vital skills that will be necessary for employment in the future.
  • Offer the opportunity for school children and university students to develop their skills and gain valuable technical experience. Every summer, through OPC, we provide twenty-five students with intensive training and the opportunity to apply their academic skills in an industrial environment. In addition, we deliver a special two-year course in applied science at two local schools.
  • Support young local talents in sports, music and arts, allowing individuals the opportunity to display their talents to the world.

Our commitment to the local community goes much further than education, well-being and leisure to address a fundamental risk to residents’ homes and safety. We are the founder of a partnership between the local government and private industry in the region to develop integrated flood protection measures designed specifically to safeguard the local population and their properties.

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